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“Exegetically Speaking” is a weekly podcast of the friends and faculty of Wheaton College, IL and The Lanier Theological Library. Hosted by Dr. David Capes, it features language experts who discuss the importance of learning the biblical languages—Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek—and show how reading the Bible in the original languages “pays off.” Each podcast lasts between seven and eleven minutes and covers a different topic for those who want to read the Bible for all it is worth.

If you're interested in going deeper, learn more about Wheaton's undergraduate degree in Classical Languages (Greek, Hebrew, and Latin) and our MA in Biblical Exegesis

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Aug 8, 2022

Dr. Steve Walton is Professor of New Testament at Trinity College in Bristol, U.K., an ordained priest/presbyter in the Church of England, and former Secretary of the British New Testament Society. His many publications include (with David Wenham), Exploring the New Testament, vol. 1: The Gospels and Acts. He is currently working on a major critical commentary on Acts for the Word Biblical Commentary Series. Luke directs the opening words of his Gospel to one “most excellent Theophilus.” Is Theophilus a real person’s name (probably) and is there anything more we can infer about him and his significance for Luke from the little said in the first verses of Luke’s Gospel combined with knowledge of the surrounding world?